Correct Plus Fast Set

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Correct Plus Fast Set exhibits outstanding tear strength and dimensional stability and touts a low contact angle of 30º to help deliver remarkably detailed and precise impressions. Correct Plus Fast Set outgases in as little as 15 minutes.


Case Study

Case Study

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This State Your Case is truly me, stating my case. Recently, I fell victim to fracturing a tooth. Tooth No. 14 had a large amalgam filling (more than 25 years old), which should have been crowned some time ago. Like our patients, I kept putting it off, hoping for the best, but my luck ran out a few months ago. While eating, the tooth fractured mesial-distally and was nonrestorable. I referred myself to my oral surgeon. He removed the tooth, and we discussed plans for the future implant/crown replacement. With the extraction site ready for the implant,...

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Correct Plus Fast Set
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