Correct Plus in Mighty Mix System

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Formulated with nanocone fillers and infused with palladium, Correct Plus Mighty Mix impression materials exhibit outstanding physical properties with minimized outgassing. Correct Plus Mighty Mix impression materials offer a low contact angle of 30° for accurate, reliable impressions in a wet or dry environment and 2 different work/set times for single-unit to full-arch impressions. The combination of versatile setting times and multiple viscosities make Correct Plus impression material the perfect choice for fabricating crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, and veneers. Mighty Mix cartridges are designed to provide quick and easy automated dispensing of 3 popular tray materials, Universal Body, Auto-Mix Putty, and Tray Material, with the touch of a single button. Just drop the cartridge into the mixing machine, place a mixing tip on the cartridge, press the dispensing button, and you are ready to take an impression. —Josephine Kozlowski

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Correct Plus in Mighty Mix System
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