Crestal Approach Sinus KIT

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Crestal Approach Sinus KIT


Hiossen's Crestal Approach Sinus KIT (CAS-KIT) is specifi cally designed to easily and safely lift the membrane in the maxillary sinus from a crestal approach.

The chief component of HIOSSEN's CASKIT is the CAS-Drill, which features a unique design to enhance the convenience and safety of maxillary sinus surgery. The atraumatic design of the drill tip allows the user to perform sinus surgery even if the sinus floor is flat, incline, or septum. It offers precise cutting, with a fl exible cutting speed, and the CASDrill tip forms a conical bone chip when drilling, which assists with safely lifting the membrane. The drill is designed with 4 blades that reduce defl ecting off of the bone, and the straight sides dampen vibrations. In addition, bone particles generated while drilling discharge upwards, producing a 'Membrane Auto-Lift function,' according to HIOSSEN.

Dental Product Shopper enlisted the help of 8 dentists who currently own and use the CAS-KIT in their practices. They rated and commented on the kit's safety and convenience, providing feedback on the enhanced safety and convenience features touted by the manufacturer.

Enhanced Safety

The CAS-KIT aids the dentist in providing a safe sinus lift through a combination of its specially designed drill and stopper system. The clinician is able to easily perform the procedure, without the fear of over-drilling.

The evaluators assessed the kit's ability to safely lift the sinus membrane while drilling, with 6 calling it excellent, and 2 calling it very good. An evaluator with 14 years of experience said, 'CASKIT is a great tool for non-traumatic crestal approach to sinus elevation for patients having 5 mm or greater residual bone height.' Another called it 'well worth the cost if you are placing implants and have minor sinus lift to do.'

Regarding the usefulness of the stopper system to prevent over-drilling into the sinus cavity, all 8 evaluators rated this feature as excellent. One evaluator mentioned, 'The 1-mm increment stoppers are defi nitely nice,' and he added that he liked, 'the drill with the rounded external tips to prevent membrane tears.'

The dentists rated the Hydraulic Lift System and its ability to easily and safely lift the membrane. Three evaluators called it excellent, 3 called it very good, and 2 called it good. One evaluator said the 'hydraulic lift system takes time.' Another evaluator, who rated the CASKIT as excellent overall, said he would like to see 'a better approach when it comes to the hydraulic lift system.'


From the flexible cutting speed, to the Bone Carrier System, the CAS-KIT has a number of features that make it simpler for the clinician to perform a sinus lift procedure.

The evaluators were asked to rate the convenience of the CAS-KIT compared to the Lateral Window technique, with 6 rating it excellent, and 2 rating it very good.When scoring the effectiveness of the CAS-KIT compared to osteotome, 6 rated it excellent, and 2 rated it very good.

An evaluator from Dallas said, 'I have used sinu-drill, hatch reamers, and the Sam Lee Kit in addition to the osteotome technique. This is by far the fastest and easiest!' Another evaluator noted the CAS-KIT is a 'safe, fast, and easy way to do a crestal approach sinus lift compared to the use of osteotomes.' A third commented that is was 'Signifi cantly easier than the osteotome technique.'

The Bone Carrier System was another feature rated by the evaluators, with 3 calling it excellent, 3 calling it very good, and 2 calling it good. One of the evaluators said the Bone Carrier System is 'a little underdeveloped.' An evaluator based in Los Angeles said, 'The bone carrier would be better if it was little longer on the ends when using it adjacent to remaining teeth.'

Overall Satisfaction

All 8 evaluators rated their overall satisfaction with the CAS-KIT as excellent, and all said they would recommend the kit to their colleagues in the dental profession.

An evaluator from Seattle said, 'This will make your sinus lift procedure headache free.' Another evaluator, who has 12 years of experience in dentistry, said, 'It is fool-proof system [with the] least learning curve.'


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Crestal Approach Sinus KIT
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