CS 1500

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Product Description
The CS 1500 intraoral camera offers a wide focus range of 1mm to infinity plus the highest resolution on the market—enabling you to easily view the smallest cracks, caries and lesions. Patented liquid lens technology provides automatic focus, and an 8-LED lighting system adjusts to optimize illumination and contrast.


CS 1500
Technical Specification
Capture Card Needed: No
CPU Connection: WiFi - USB 2.0
Docking Station Needed: Yes - WiFi Model
Image Capture Method: 1/2.5 inch CMOS
Resolution: 1024 x 768 Still - 640 x 480 Video
True or Mirror Image: True
Undistorted Exraoral and Wide Angle Available: Yes
Visual and Viewing Angle: 90¡
Warranty: 1 year
Weight: 91
Wireless: Yes
Integration with Practice Management | Imaging Software: TWAIN Compliant
Weight Type: g
Sku# CS 1500


The CS 1500 intraoral camera is an ideal tool for enhancing patient communication.   When asked what he liked best about Carestream Dental’s CS 1500 intraoral camera, a periodontist with 21 years of experience in dentistry said, “[Its] ease of use and picture clarity.” Available in a wired and wireless version, both with a unique liquid lens technology that focuses like the human eye, the CS 1500 delivers excellent image quality and ease of use to dental practices. The compact, lightweight intraoral camera is ergonomically...

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Key Opinion Leaders

Key Opinion Leaders

CS 1500 Intraoral Video Camera

True-to-life images meet mobility and ease of use Raising my patients' dental IQ has been a top priority ever since I bought my first intraoral camera almost 20 years ago. And if that translates into higher rates of treatment acceptance—which it always does—that's a bonus. I have seen amazing improvements in intraoral camera systems over the years. My first one in 1993 was a clunky cart-based unit. It was a huge investment at the time, so we only bought one and had to drag it between operatories. The images, while state of the art at the time, were not...

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Customer Reviews

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Good Camera, for about a year
My hygienists love the auto focus feature and the clear picture, but it takes quite a while to get used to holding it properly. The handle is not ergonomically engineered like it should be for use in the mouth. After a little over a year of use (we have the wired unit) it just stopped working. Carestream does not repair, you just get to buy a new one. No parts are available and no other vendor like Patterson or Schein will repair them. So it's good while it works, but when it stops, if your warranty is up, then you are SOL and have to buy a new one.
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For the money, camera is cheap plastic and seems fragile. Feels like a $99 camera from ebay. "Boots up" very slowly. 20+ seconds to sit there and wait for it to just turn on. Then we pray the software won't crash. Support is terrible. When cable died (gentle use) is was told I'd need to buy a new one. Warranty does not cover this. Can't recommend this camera to others.
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CS 1500 Good one
Pros: Good quality pictures Ease of use Fair price Cons: Broke after 3 years of constant use, parts not available for repair.
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Very slow in the auto focus
The image is very slow in getting an auto focus and then when you get it in focus and you either push the button on the screen or the camera button it is usually an out of focus image. the advertised it as also getting a full facial image and the image you get is also very distorted for a full facial image. As for the first intraoral camera I purchased I am quite disappointed. I would not buy this camera ever again and it is totally overpriced.
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Good images, poor usability
CS 1500 camera gives a good quality image with it's auto focusing lens and automatic exposure ability. However, getting to your first image is a slow and challenging process. Whether using this IOC wired or wireless, it requires 22 to 25 long seconds just to power-up. When we move the camera between treatment rooms wirelessly, we usually have to execute multiple iterations of disconnecting & reconnecting wireless base stations and restarting the camera before we can reconnect the camera in the new room. If this can be accomplished in advance, the camera idles nicely in its holder, but the uncertainty of the process discourages impromptu or frequent moves between operatories. If you don't mind the heavy cable, it becomes more predictable. The CS 1500 head looks large, but it's size is not usually a problem. It has a single button to control image pause & capture, but requires a very firm push and is not in a familiar position for someone used to a "pencil grip" or finger rest. Most of us in our office find the button too far back from the head to allow easy use. The CS Imaging software allows easy review of captured images, after you exit the capture module. Our wired Iris IOC in contrast, is "instant-on" and has two sensitive capture buttons on it's sides. It's cable is lighter but has five focal distance ranges that are easily changed instead of full-range autofocus. My recommendation is to extensively test any IOC in your chairs before you buy: what seems like a simple adjustment in the "showroom" may be frustrating in your exam room.
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Carestream CS 1500
I have been happy with the Caresream intra oral camera. It is easy to use and takes very clear pictures. The only problem I have had is that I purchased the cordless version so that I could easily move the camera from operatory to operatory. I have had problems with the communication between the camera and the computer. We often have to plug it in and then have to relink them.
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CS 1500
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