CS 9300

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Product Description
The CS 9300 provides an all-in-one imaging solution with 3D, panoramic and optional cephalometric imaging. Up to seven selectable fields of view support implantology, oral and maxillofacial surgery, orthognathics and orthodontics. Delivers optimized radiation dose and produces image resolution of up to 90 μm with 1:1 accuracy.


CS 9300 Dental Cone Beam Imaging System
Technical Specification
Cephalo Reconstruction: Yes
DICOM Export: Yes
Footprint: "120 x 160 cm (45.5 x 62.8 inches) With Cephalometric Module: 215 x 160 cm (84.6 x 62.8 inches)"
Gray Scale: 16,384 - 14 bits
Image Detector: "TFT CCD"
Included Software: CS Imaging Software
Installation Included: Yes
Panoramic Reconstuction: Yes
Patient Positioning: Standing
Primary Reconstruction Time: 20 - 90 seconds
Scan Time: 12 - 20 seconds
Training Included: Yes
Volume Reconstruction: Yes
Voxel Size: "90 ðm 183 ðm 200 ðm 300 ðm 500 ðm"
Sku# CS 9300


The CS 9300 is a low-dose, multi-modality CBCT solution designed for dental imaging.   When asked what they liked best about Carestream Dental’s CS 9300 CBCT scanner , 6 of 8 evaluators cited diagnostic capability. An evaluator with 27 years of experience described the CBCT scanner as “[an] excellent machine and quite easy to operate.” The 3D, panoramic and optional cephalometric imaging of the CS 9300 provides clinicians with excellent image quality and practice flexibility, covering a wide scope of cl...

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Case Study

Case Study

Case Study: Immediate Implant Placement to Treat a Fractured Lateral Incisor Root

A 59-year-old female presented to the practice with pain in her upper right lateral incisor (tooth No. 7). That tooth had a previous root canal and apicoectomy. A thorough assessment was conducted, including a clinical exam (Figures 1A and 1B), panoramic x-rays (Figure 2), and a CBCT scan ( CS 9300 , Carestream Dental ). The ultimate diagnosis was a fractured root at tooth No. 7 with a poor prognosis.   After discussing various treatment options, the patient chose extraction of the tooth with immediate implant placement.   Treatment  ...

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CS 9300
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