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Curve Hero

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Product Information

Every Dentist Needs a Hero

Curve Dental Introduces Curve Hero

Curve Hero is a fresh web-based alternative to dental software.

Curve Dental announces its new practice management solution, Curve Hero, a web-based application as an alternative to dental software.

With Curve Hero, dentists and their staff can schedule, invoice, manage recall, manage insurance, complete charts, plan treatment, and more using only a browser and an internet connection. Webbased software is more secure, more convenient, and delivers a better return on investment than traditional software. Curve Dental guarantees 99.95% “uptime,” and Curve Hero support is available 24/7. Updates are installed automatically overnight to enhance daytime productivity, and Curve Dental will back up data every hour in a HIPAA-compliant structure.

Pay monthly for use of the Curve Hero application rather than paying up-front software licensing fees. Because Curve Hero can be accessed with just an internet connection, dental offices don’t need to purchase or maintain expensive hardware or networks.With internet access, users are able to access patient information from anywhere.

In addition to timely phone and email support, Curve Hero provides technical assistance by offering on-line training, free weekly webinars, and a printed users’ guide. Curve Hero can also help with patient education and provides 3-D animated videos to explain procedures. —Jason Schwartz

Manufacturer Information

Curve Dental is a dental software company that delivers dental office management solutions via the web. Dental billing and practice software for the office on the web means patient data can be accessed from anywhere at any time; from home, work, or play. Curve Dental believes that less is more and as a result they deliver dental office billing software that is simple to use, flexible, and more efficient than traditional dental software

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Curve no Hero February 10, 2013


Dr. Pennie from London, ON

Curve Hero is the "upgrade" to the Curve DMS program. It has not built on the user-friendly and logical format of DMS but has turned everything upside down. The support people have no DMS knowledge which made several months worth of discussions frustrating for all. The support people range from helpful to condescending. We are constantly being told that all errors are of our making when ,in fact, they could not be. Patient information was not accurately transferred from one program to another and dead patients have been resurrected, repeatedly! Insurance submission can be done successfully sometimes but not necessarily later the same day. It has been a miserable 7 months since we were forced to "migrate" to Curve Hero. I was a huge fan initially and did convince at least one dentist friend to convert to Curve but would no longer recommend it. The program was created in Canada but has now sold out and moved to the US. Unfortunately this now means that we are dealing with support people who, as charming as some of them may be, have no idea of Canadian dental insurance policies.

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Heroic Apology; Heroic Decision July 30, 2013
Verified Manufacturer Account
Curve Dental, with offices in the US and Canada, made a bold decision. Many years ago we developed a management application, called DMS, a precursor to the company's current award-winning dental software, called Curve Hero. In 2011 it became expedient for the company to put all its focus behind Curve Hero. We gave our DMS customers a choice: Move to Curve Hero or feel free to find another application better suited for your practice. Our DMS customers had 20 months to make a decision and make the switch. In the end the majority of our DMS customers successfully moved to Curve Hero. Typical with all changes in dental software, some of our DMS customers experienced more difficulty in switching than others. Unfortunately, Dr. Pennie's office did experience conversion difficulties; moreover, Dr. Pennie's office discovered that some of Curve Hero's management features were much different than those found in DMS, which created more difficulty and frustration. We apologize to Dr. Pennie and her team for the frustration and take responsibility for failing to pave a smoother road to Curve Hero. In the long term we sincerely believe that Dr. Pennie's move to Curve Hero from DMS will be a very good decision for her practice. Curve Hero has been recognized by the Pride Institute for delivering best-of-class software and in a recent customer survey Curve Dental scored very high in customer satisfaction. We're happy to report that despite her experience in moving to Curve Hero Dr. Pennie remains a VIP customer and we very much appreciate her decision to stay with us. We wish her and her team only the very best.
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