Curvy3D shaped Anatomical Wedges

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Other wedges bend only 2-dimensionally, but the synthetic Curvy wedge follows the anatomy of the tooth and creates significantly less tissue irritation and postoperative discomfort. It helps adapt the matrix band more precisely for a faster finishing of the restoration by achieving more accurate interproximal contacts, with fewer chances for overhangs. Curvy is easy to insert and remove with cotton pliers. The Curvy wedges come in 6 easy-release, circular blister packs, each containing 52 wedges of a single type. The wedges with clockwise curvature are orange and those with counterclockwise curvature are blue, and the 2 colors are shaded differently for each wedge of the 4 sizes. The color-coded system helps clinicians select the appropriate wedges quickly and easily. —Bob Alaburda




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Curvy3D shaped Anatomical Wedges
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