A-dec 400

Product Description
The A-dec 400 gives dental teams an option for an ambidextrous configuration to accommodate dentist preferences. The Radius delivery and support modules quickly and easily rotate around the chair for complete left/right compatibility. To elevate treatment room proficiency and enhance doctor access to the patient, A-dec 400 optimizes ergonomics with an ultra-thin backrest and positioning of controls and ancillaries, while eliminating unnecessary movement. The A-dec 400 includes front- and back-mounting locations for the delivery system and support-side modules.


A-dec 400
Technical Specification
Ergonomic: Yes
Mounting: Chair
Programmable: Yes
Warranty: 5 years
Anatomic: Yes
Type of Delivery System: A-dec 300 Radius-style Traditional - A-dec 300 Radius-style Continental - A-dec 500 12-oÕclock duo - A-dec 500 side
Control Panel Type: Deluxe Touch Pad
Sku# A-dec 400

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