DEFEND+PLUS Sterilization Pouches – with Built-in Internal Indicator

Product Description

DEFEND+PLUS pouches are constructed with built-in, lead-free internal and external indicators, giving you peace of mind when it comes to the sterilization of your instruments.  The internal indicator ensures the correct sterilization temperature is reached where you really need it…..inside the instrument compartment. This eliminates the need for an internal indicator strip inside the pouch with your instruments. In addition, the external indicator will still change color when the optimal temperature is reached.

Awarded “Best Product 2010” by Dental Product Shopper and “Editors’ Choice” by the Dental Advisor.

200 per box 
SP-0150- 2.25? X 4?
SP-0250- 2.25? X 2.75?
SP-0350- 2? X 7.75?
SP-0550- 2.75? X 10?
SP-1500- 3.5? X 5.25?
SP-2500- 3.5? X 10?
SP-3500- 5.25? X 10?
SP-4500- 7.5? X 13?
SP-5500- 9? X 15?
SP-8000-13?X 20?

1000 per box
SP-2150- 3.5? X 10?



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DEFEND+PLUS Sterilization Pouches – with Built-in Internal Indicator
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