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DentLight Fusion

DentLight Fusion

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Using a patent-pending Focused Beam LED Technology, Fusion provides 1500 mW/cm2 of output power.

The key features of the Fusion curing light from DentLight include backlit metal keypad controls, 7-mode digital displays, interchangeable 360° swivel light probe with 10 mm large tip, dual power levels, and the ability to cure all materials. Other unique features include sequential modes for full-arch, 1-click operation; optional tacking tips, lens modules, and caps to cure 3 mm to 13 mm; and the ability to directly mount and charge the light on a dental unit.

According to the manufacturer, the anodized aluminum metal handpiece distributes LED heat and prevents scratches, discoloration, and damage from accidental falls. The handpiece comes in 4 color options: silver, pink, blue, and gold.

Output Power

The output power provided by the Fusion curing light is 1500 mW/cm2. When the 8 dentists who participated in this evaluation were asked about the importance of output power when purchasing a curing light, 7 said it is very important and 1 said it is important. The evaluators were then asked to rate the output power of the Fusion curing light. Seven evaluators rated it as excellent and 1 rated it as good. One evaluator called the output power “Fantastic.” Another evaluator said, “1500 mW/cm2 is great!”

Ease of Use

When asked about ease of use, the evaluators focused on the position and feel of the on/off switch. One evaluator rated the ease of use of the Fusion curing light as excellent, 3 rated it as very good, 2 rated it as good, and 2 rated it as fair.
Virtually all of the evaluators said that they would like to see a change in the design of the on/off switch. One evaluator said, “The activation button should be raised. It is difficult to find by touch and the operator has to look [away from the patient] to find the button, which distracts [them] from where they are placing the light.” Another evaluator said, “I’d prefer a raised dot on the ‘go’ button.” A third evaluator said, “The only issue is that the trigger for turning the light on or off needs tactile definition.”

Curing Time

According to DentLight, the Fusion curing light cures all materials (bonding agents and adhesives, bases, liners, sealants, and lab materials) in less than 5 seconds for 2 mm A3 or lighter and 3 seconds for metal bracket bonding. The evaluators were asked to rate the curing time of the Fusion light. Six rated it as excellent, 1 rated it as very good, and 1 rated it as good. One evaluator described the curing time as “Fantastic.”

Size and Weight

The Fusion curing light is described by the manufacturer as having a sleek, anodized aluminum body that weighs only 110 grams. When the evaluators were asked to rate the size of the light, 7 rated it as excellent and 1 rated it as very good. With regard to weight, 6 rated the light as excellent and 2 rated it as very good. One evaluator described the size of the light as “Perfect. Very sleek, small, and easy to handle.” Another evaluator said the light is “very compact.” A third evaluator said that the light’s “portability is great.”

Overall Satisfaction

When the evaluators were asked if they would recommend the Fusion curing light to their colleagues, 7 said definitely or probably. Five evaluators said they definitely or probably would purchase the light in the future. At the end of the evaluation, the dentists who participated were asked for their overall satisfaction rating for the Fusion curing light. Three rated it as excellent, 4 rated it as very good, and 1 rated it as fair. One evaluator said that the Fusion curing light is “easier to manage than [another light].”

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dentlight fusion July 22, 2013


drstevestl from Eureka, MO

I've been practicing for 27 years and have used several curing lights. I had been reading reviews for about a year, trying to find a new light when I kept reading great reviews about this light. I wanted a light weight, cordless, wide and deep depth of cure, with a short curing time. I also like a bargain. The Fusion was my answer. I bought three of them and love them. After owning them for a year I attended a Gordon Christianson lecture and he highly recommended it. During that lecture I recommended it to three different dentists, who each bought it and have thanked me for the recommendation.

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Great light that cures everything February 15, 2013


tiffaroonie from torrance

This light is our work horse for the past few years. It is cordless and has excellent curing power. I compare this to the Valo as far as quality and curing, but it's a less pricey. The Valo is the gold standard and this would be just underneath it! This light has a small foot print, and it's easy to get to the 2nd molars due to it's small head. The new model comes with simplified buttons that make it even easier to use. If you're at a trade show, talk to the inventor, he'll show you how you can abuse the light, swing it from a lassoo, rodeo a cow and drop it on concrete, but it keeps on working.

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27 people found this review helpful.

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