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DENTSPLY Caulk SureFil SDR flow

Low-Stress, Bulk-Fill Flowable Composite

SureFil SDR flow combines the benefits of a flowable composite with first-ever low-stress, bulk-fill capabilities.

DENTSPLY Caulk's new SureFil SDR flow is the first-ever bulk-fill flowable base, enabling placement of posterior composites in 40% less time.


SureFil SDR Flow Compula Tips (0.25 g) Bulk Refill, 50/Pkg - SureFil SDR Flow Compula Tips (0.25 g) Bulk Refill, 50/Pkg
Technical Specification
Body_Viscosity: Flowable
Contains: 50 (0.25 g) Universal Compula tips
Package Quantity: 50/Pkg
Sku# 61C003
SureFil SDR Flow Intro Kit - SureFil SDR Flow Intro Kit
Technical Specification
Body_Viscosity: Flowable
Contains: 25 (0.25 g) Compula tips in universal shade and 1 Compules tips gun
Package Quantity: Each
Sku# 61C000
SureFil SDR Flow Syringe (1 g) Refill, 2/Pkg - SureFil SDR Flow Syringe (1 g) Refill, 2/Pkg
Technical Specification
Contains: 2 (1 g) syringes and 15 syringe tips
Package Quantity: Each
Shade: Universal
Sku# 61C030


Customer Reviews

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the best!
been using it for years, great with class II and reduce sensitivity
from virginia,  
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Makes class 2s a cinch
I love the opacity of this flowable composite. I dont use it often for bulk fills because I am still concerned about shrinkage and ensuring all material is cured, but it is nice to know that I could if needed. I wish they had more color options with syringe dispensing, but it is a great product. I recommend to all my friends and they also love it
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Great flowable composite
It's easy to use and has great flow into preparations. Fine tip canula is the best one on the market for accurate placement. I recommend this product to everyone.
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A game changer
I love this material - I feel it has revolutionized Class II composites. It seems to magically fill the interproximal boxes no matter how deep or irregular. You just need to wait a moment and watch it level out into all the crevices. I don't dread these restorations anymore. I feel it has made my dentistry much more predictable and long-lasting.
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Excellent product
I have been reviewing products for many years and rarely "gush" about a product, but this is one worth gushing about. Versatile and user friendly Surefil SDR is a must have in every restorative docs armamentarium. The self leveling component actually works beautifully. Apply and wait 5 seconds for the magic to take place then cure and move on ! Cureable up to 4 millimeters it comes in handy even in the deepest restorations. I use it to repair crown prep cores and under almost all my class two composites.
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