DentuSil Standard Kit

Product Description
DentuSil is a chairside soft silicone relining material from Bosworth. Combines the ease of cartridge dispensing with the flexibility and resilience of a silicone soft reline material to offer denture patients with a comfortable, reliable reline in a single office visit. Adhesive is designed to hold material in place, providing a secure reline in just minutes. Less water is absorbed, resulting in a reline that is less prone to stains and odors. Has a translucent pink color for a natural, healthy look. DentuSil can last in the mouth for about 1 year and has a shelf life of 2 years. Can clean with a soft brush.

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DentuSil Standard Kit
Technical Specification
Color: Translucent Pink
Contains: Contains 1 (50 ml) cartridge, 1 (14 ml) liquid and mixing tips
Sku# 921276
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DentuSil Standard Kit
Bosworth Company (A Division of Keystone Industries)
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