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The app lets clinicians frame the shot and capture the photo right into the patient record—wirelessly, automatically and instantaneously; no cards, no readers, no manual file transfer. With the 2 functions of DEXIS photo, dental professionals can choose to capture patient ID photos that can be viewed from any imaging screen in DEXIS or to take and send images for the software’s extraoral photo screen.




Make Your Patients Comfortable Through Design

Not only does DEXIS Platinum deliver regarding its high-quality images, but it’s also a sensor you can...

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Imaging Software that Creates an Efficiency in Your Practice

DEXIS Eleven Image Software is a successful aid throughout the diagnosis, planning, and treatment process. This imaging software...

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Take X-Rays Like a Pro — Rely on the Technology

Do you ever wonder how photographers can consistently produce amazing, high-res pictures? While a great deal of...

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