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DEXIS has created DEXshield as a true all-in-one aiming ring that allows clinicians to capture both periapical and bitewing radiographs using a single device.

DEXIS' DEXshield is a positioning device for use with the DEXIS Platinum Sensor and also functioning as a personnel protective shield. It is intended for dental radiographic examination purposes to align the sensor with the x-ray beam and to protect the patient, the operator, or other persons from unnecessary exposure to radiation during radiologic procedures by providing an attenuating barrier to radiation. DEXshield also helps optimize the clinical workflow by reducing the number of accessories needed.




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ADA Approves Code for DEXIS CariVu Image Reimbursement

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Celebrating 'Best of Class' Technology at ADA 2016

Cellerant Consulting Group formally recognized 18 "Best of Class" Technology Award winners on Oct. 21 at ADA 2016...

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