Disc Spindle Stand

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The Disc Spindle Stand from Moore's are the perfect way to hold and organize Moore's disc. Each stand is made up of 12 spindles that can hold about 600 assorted sizes and grits of Paper or MoorePlastic Discs. You have the option of ordering plain Moore's Spindle Stands to provide you with the opportunity to create your own special assortment. Discs come in smaller 325 disc assortment with either Paper or MoorePlastic discs.

PRODUCT OPTIONS: Disc Spindle Stand

Disc Spindle Stand - Paper Disc Assortment Kit, 600/Box - Paper Disc Assortment Kit, 600/Box
Technical Specification
Color: Red
Grit: Meduim
Package Quantity: 80/Pkg
Shank: RA
Shank Size and Type: Regular
Size: 8-Mar
Type: Polishing Disc
Disc Spindle Stand - Plastic Disc Assortment Kit, 325/Box - Plastic Disc Assortment Kit, 325/Box
Technical Specification
Color: White
ISO Number: 130
Package Quantity: 12/Pkg
Shank: HP
Shape: No. 6
Type: Aluminum Oxide
Sku# BC-325-PLA

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Disc Spindle Stand
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