Disposable Electrodes

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Ellman's RF Electrodes are easy-to-use, disposable, single-use electrodes that work every time without the annoyance of sterilizing. Electrodes raise the quality of performance for all electrosurgical machines and match the frequency of the Dento-Surg 90 F.F.P.

PRODUCT OPTIONS: Disposable Electrodes

Disposable Electrodes - "iamond Loop Electrode, 3/16 Diameter
Technical Specification
Power: 3.0x
Size: 3.0x
Sku# C3D
Disposable Electrodes - Ball Electrode, 2.3 mm
Technical Specification
Package Quantity: 25/Pkg
Size: C3D Diamond Loop, 3/16" Dia.
Type: Diamond Loop Electrode
Sku# D8D
Disposable Electrodes - Broad Needle Electrode
Technical Specification
Package Quantity: 25/Pkg
Size: D8D Ball, 2.3 mm
Type: Ball Electrode
Sku# F1D
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Disposable Electrodes
Ellman International, Inc.
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