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Combining the Document Center with the DentiMax practice management system allows dental offices to go paperless. The DentiMax Document Center is priced at a fraction of what you would expect. Dental offices can choose a $199 single computer version or a $1349 Network Bundle, which includes a 1-sided ID scanner, full page scanner, and signature pad.




The Best of the Best: Top 5 Product Evaluations of 2015

Congratulations to  Dental Card Services ,  Convergent Dental ,  Sunstar Americas ,  Dentimax , and  Coltene  for having the best of the Best Product evaluations in 2015! Here are  Dental Product Shopper’s  highest rated product evaluations of 2015. Click on each link to read the full evaluation, and watch for many new evaluations in 2016!   • Dental Card Services ' credit card processing service   - Score: 4.9 (published in Sept 2015) • Convergent Dental’s  Solea Laser  - Score: 4.9 (published in Sept...

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Document Management Software
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