Dr. QuickLook Intraoral Dental Viewer

Product Description
Dr. QuickLook is a tool that allows dentists to capture high quality intraoral images and quickly display them to patients on a handheld LCD screen. This quick process helps patients obtain a better understanding of recommended dental treatments. • Quickly show fractures, caries, defective restorations, calculus deposits, bleeding points and more • Easy two button operation: live survey, freeze, zoom • Motion sensor technology • Built-In rechargeable batteries • Learn how to use in a few minutes • Zoom up to 3x magnification for crystal clear images • Includes: Dr. QuickLook Viewer and camera wand, countertop charger and station, AC adapter, 200 sheaths, wall mount hardware, instructions

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Dr. QuickLookIntraoral Dental Viewer - Dr. QuickLookIntraoral Dental Viewer
Technical Specification
Capture Card Needed: N/A
CPU Connection: N/A
Docking Station Needed: Included
Image Capture Method: No
Light Source: LED
Power: 2.5x
Resolution: 1.3 Megapixel
Software: No
Visual and Viewing Angle: 105?
Warranty: 2 Years
Weight: Viewer Weighs 14 oz.
Wireless: No
Visual and Viewing Angle: 105­
Sku# DQL-101




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DrQuickLook, the developer of the original Dental Viewer, is now offering the SD Plus intraoral/extraoral camera system, which captures, saves, and views images with or without a computer. Expanding on the original concept of their quick and easy Dental Viewer, DrQuickLook’s SD Plus system allows dental professionals to save the images on a reusable SD card. Back in 2012, Dental Product Shopper evaluated the DrQuickLook Dental Viewer , and our evaluators offered suggestions on how DrQuickLook could improve their product. The manufacturer took those recommendations to heart and made major improvements to the image...

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Dr. QuickLook Intraoral Dental Viewer
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