DuraLay Inlay Resin - Combination Kit - Red

Product Description
Duraflor® Halo 5% Sodium Fluoride White Varnish: Quickly dries to Natural White tooth color Great consistency for easier application Sanitary, easy-to-use one-step package Highest allowable fluoride concentration (22,600 ppm F)

PRODUCT OPTIONS: DuraLay Inlay Resin - Combination Kit - Red

DuraLay Inlay Resin - Standard Package - Shade 65
Technical Specification
Contains: 1 (2 oz) powder, 1 (2 oz) liquid, lubricant and dropper
Shade: Shade 65
Sku# 2244
DuraLay Inlay Resin - Combination Kit - Red
Technical Specification
Color: Red
Contains: 3 brushes, dropper, 1 (2 oz) powder, 1 (2 oz) liquid, 2 dishes and lubricant
Sku# 2243
DuraLay Inlay Resin Liquid - 2 oz Bottle
Technical Specification
Package Quantity: Each
Packaging: Each
Size: 2 oz Bottle
Sku# 2246
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DuraLay Inlay Resin - Combination Kit - Red
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