DuraLay Inlay Resin - Laboratory Package - Blue

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Duraflor® Halo 5% Sodium Fluoride White Varnish: Quickly dries to Natural White tooth color Great consistency for easier application Sanitary, easy-to-use one-step package Highest allowable fluoride concentration (22,600 ppm F)




Earth Day, Every Day. Don't Wait Until Tomorrow

Tomorrow is Earth Day but don’t wait until tomorrow to start using eco-friendly dental products.  Many dental manufacturers are doing their part to help preserve our planet by developing “green” products or packaging.   PureLife Dental offers a complete line of “green” products in their Feel Good Collection , including BioSURF Disinfectant Wipes , which come in recyclable containers. They also manufacture disposable BibBibs , which are made of 100% recycled paper, and the carton also contains more than 30% recycled material. The Green Envy impression tray cleaner by Whip Mix is...

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DuraLay Inlay Resin - Laboratory Package - Blue
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