BUTLER Duropro Disposable Prophy Angle

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Butler Duropro disposable prophy angle, with a low-profile, latex-free cup that provides strength for effective cleaning and stain removal. The durable drive mechanism provides smooth and consistent performance. Soft or Firm cup and tapered brush.




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Duropro prophy review
The duropro phophy angle is one of my favorites because I love how it helps me eliminate stains in the mouth. I work in a perio practice so I get a lot of patients who are smokers. Stain is always an issue and it's tough to get off in a timely manner. I like to use these tips to remove any stain I can before I begin my cleaning. This then cuts down time for me to have to hand scale the stain off. After the cleaning and I like to polish with a brushed tip angle to remove stain that is hiding in any little nooks and crannies that I may have missed. It really does a wonderful job at finishing off the cleaning. The Brush tips are also great for patients with braces because access with a regular prophy angle just doesn't cut it.
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Duropro Prophy Angles
I like these prophy angles quite well. They are always reliable and hug the tooth in such a way as to remove interproximal stains. I also use not only the cups but the brush prophy angle for patients with orthodontics. I have been using Sunstar products for several years and I am quite pleased with all of their products.
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BUTLER Duropro Disposable Prophy Angle
Sunstar Americas, Inc.
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