DynaCore 9400 Series

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The DynaCore 9400 Series from Brewer Company offers clinicians a dynamic seating experience that increases back and core muscle strength using Brewer’s Therapeutic Dynamic Seating System and clinically researched upholstery. The stool delivers 360 degrees of seat movement that is designed to improve natural posture and balance. According to the manufacturer, the DynaCore 9400 strengthens back and core muscles through progressive resistance exercise. The user can easily adjust the seat movement to his or her own preference and comfort level. According to Brewer, the core muscle movement provided by DynaCore 9400 stimulates increased sensory feedback. This aids in the prevention and reduction of lower back pain, promotes postural health and endurance, and heightens the user’s ability to concentrate and be more productive. All DynaCore 9400 Stools feature a saddle-style seat, 3-way adjustable backrest, and a powder-coated, 21.5-in diameter aluminum base. —Bob Alaburda

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DynaCore 9400 Series
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