E-STATIS Advantage

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The touch-screen interface provides the dentist with a userfriendly display menu. The screen features customizable light intensity as well as light delay. It also displays actual bur rotational speed from 1 to 200,000 rpm. The screen is completely sealed, so surface disinfectants do not affect the screen. The motor features 3 customizable operative modes and programmable motor torque, which provides a higher torque increase when using multiplication handpieces. The unit also offers 5 customizable endo settings, and there are presets for all common handpiece transmissions plus 2 customizable transmissions. E-STATIS Advantage has a compact design for easy installation and it allows for easy retrofitting of a pneumatic dental unit. The extension kit provides flexibility to remotely locate the control box and touchpad. The power plug can be taken off the cable completely for easy integration. The motor sports brushless technology for greatly reduced service requirements, and it’s backed by a 3-year motor warranty. —Bob Alaburda

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E-STATIS Advantage
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