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Vident's Easy Polishers/Grinders are available with HP and RA shanks for laboratory or intraoral, contra angle applications. These instruments are color coded for simple identification and selection. The high performance diamond grinders and polishers get rid of the need for a pre-polishing step, resulting in less time that is required to finish and polish all-ceramic restorations. These instruments also provide high luster polishing and smoothing and prevents the formation of micro-cracks. Easy Polishers/Grinders do not scratch all-ceramic restorations, while producing a high luster appearance.

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Easy Polisher/Grinder - Easy Polish/Grinder Grey Fine Flame Polisher Hp
Technical Specification
Color: Blue
Grit: Hi-Glaze
Package Quantity: 5/Pkg
Shank: HP
Shank Size and Type: 3/32"
Shape: ABCDE
Size: 3/32"
Type: Polishing
Sku# B24-141
Easy Polisher/Grinder - Easy Polisher/Grinder Blue Coarse Cone Grinder Hp
Technical Specification
Grit: Fine
Package Quantity: Each
Sku# B24-110
Easy Polisher/Grinder - Easy Polisher/Grinder Blue Coarse Wheel Grinder Hp
Technical Specification
Grit: Coarse
Package Quantity: Each
Sku# B24-112
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Easy Polishers/:Grinders
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