BUTLER Eez-Touch Disposable Prophy Angle

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Product Description
Butler Eez-Touch Disposable Prophy Angle features a cushion grip that provides enhanced control, reduces vibration, and lessens hand and finger fatigue. It is easier and quicker to apply and remove the prophy angles to the handpiece due to the dimpled housing. The new cup design is capable of holding more prophy paste for enhanced cleaning. Soft or Firm cup and tapered brush.

PRODUCT OPTIONS: BUTLER Eez-Touch Disposable Prophy Angle

Butler Eez-Touch Disposable Prophy Angles - Firm Cup, 200/Pkg
Sku# 1202P
Butler Eez-Touch Disposable Prophy Angles - Soft Cup, 200/Pkg
Sku# 1201P
Butler Eez-Touch Disposable Prophy Angles - Tapered Cup, 50/Pkg
Sku# 1203P


The impetus behind Sunstar Americas’ development of the Eez-Touch Disposable Prophy Angle was to provide clinician comfort.  Get a Grip The handle on the Eez-Touch prophy angle is dimpled, which the manufacturer claims aids in gripping the instrument, giving the operator better control and allowing for easier placement of the cup. When the hygienist evaluators were asked to rate the ease of grip when attaching and removing the Eez-Touch prophy angle, 7 rated it as excellent and 1 rated it as very good. ...

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BUTLER Eez-Touch Disposable Prophy Angle
Sunstar Americas, Inc.
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