Elevance Continental Delivery Unit

Product Description
The Elevance® Continental-style Delivery Unit has a truly unique whip arm. Designed to mimic a spine, it increases the range of motion in all directions for maximum positioning flexibility.
• Integration Control Module® with intuitive user interface is designed to allow control of all instruments from one easily accessible location
• Electronic proportional valve adjustments for unmatched precision control of integrated devices
• Customized controls for up to three users
• Ten programmable presets per device, per user
• Kink Valve® technology with 10-year warranty
• Upgradeable software via USB port to allow for easy integration of future enhancements
• Multilingual support: English, Spanish, French, Italian and German
• Integrated accessories include scaler, curing light, camera and up to two electric micromotors




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Elevance Continental Delivery Unit
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