Elevance Dental Chair

Product Description
The Elevance® Dental Chair – where sophisticated styling, optimal patient access and exceptional patient comfort come together in a dental chair that is a genuine departure from any chair on the market today. With innovative features, including:
• Cantilever Forward® design to accentuate styling and deliver an unsurpassed range of motion
• SerenEscape® optional heat and massage system to relax anxious patients
• Advanced hydraulic system supports patients weighing up to 450-pounds with soft start/stop
• Integrated armrests for full support and ease of entry/exit
• Thin, narrow cast aluminum back rest for greater support, patient confidence and optimal access
• Double articulating headrest
• Electronic chair rotation release pedals
• Programmable foot switch chair control (included with chair only, optional with LR and Console chairs)
• Chair swivels 76° (LR and Console chairs 30°)
• Available in your choice of Seamless, Royal Hampton upholstery, Ultraleather and Limited Seams Ultraleather

PRODUCT OPTIONS: Elevance Dental Chair

Midmark Elevance Dental Chair
Technical Specification
Accessories: Double-Articulating Magnetic Headrest - SerenEscape - Wireless Chair Control
Programmable: Yes
Swivel: 76 ¡
Upholstery Options: Limited Seams Ultraleather
Warranty: 2 years
Headrest Features: Double-Articulating Headrest
Armrest Features|Positions: Integrated Armrests
Anatomic: Yes
Backrest Features: Thin, Narrow Cast Aluminum Backrest
Control Location|Type: Foot Pedal
Positions: 4 Positions
Sku# 153810




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Elevance Dental Chair
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