Elite Glass Clear VPS

Product Description
Zhermack's Elite Glass is a medium bodied CLEAR Addition silicone indicated for making a clear matrix that can be light-cured through, when creating veneers. Functions in the use of creating clear moulds directly in the mouth of the patient for the subsequent application and polymerisation of light-curing materials. Elite Glass is also used for a multitude of clinical situations that require enamel shaping work for cosmetic treatments: pigmentations, closing diastemas, correction of dental rotations, crown fractures, morphological dental anomalies, creation of temporary crowns, etc. Thixotropic Final Hardness of 70 Shore A Precise placement Dimensionally stable Once set, repositioning in the mouth is effortless After setting, can be finished with a blade or bur


Elite Glass Clear VPS
Technical Specification
Color: Clear
Contains: Contains 2 (50 ml) cartridges base and catalyst and 6 mixing tips medium/green
Dispensing: Gun
Final Set Hardness: 70A durometer
Package Quantity: Each
Set Time: 2:10
Working Time: 40 seconds
Sku# C401610
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Elite Glass Clear VPS
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