Ellexxion Claros Nano

Product Description
The patented pulse technology of the elexxion claros nano combines the benefits of high energy output with the safety and simplicity of a conventional compact diode laser. In addition, the ultra-short pulse duration of 16 ?s permits thermal relaxation of target tissue, which keeps undesirable tissue damage to a minimum. The combination of high output power and extremely short pulses makes it possible to achieve exceptional cutting speed and precision. The patented pulse technology also prevents virtually all tissue carbonization and as a result shortens recovery time. The wavelength of 810 nm ensures outstanding results in terms of coagulation.

PRODUCT OPTIONS: Ellexxion Claros Nano

Ellexxion Claros Nano
Technical Specification
Laser Classification: 4
Power: 0 - 15 W
Wavelength: 808 nm +/- 10 nm
Sku# Ellexxion Claros Nano




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Ellexxion Claros Nano
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