Endoring II® – Starter Kit

Product Description
Endoring II from Jordco enables the clinician to directly place, store, measure and clean endodontic hand and rotary instruments within the operating field. The hand-held instrument reduces the risk of cross-contamination and minimizes the passing of sharps between dentists and staff, creating a safer and more efficient practice environment. It is held on the index finger, freeing both hands and allowing the operator to hold the mouth mirror in one while selecting and operating files or instruments with the other. The organizer is designed with a built-in standard ruler with a recessed calibration tract and improved rubber stop locks. These features enable the precise positioning of files, reamers, paper points, gutta percha and other endodontic instruments into the tract. It also includes a detachable laser-etched metal ruler with a calibration tract for easy positioning of instruments.

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Endoring II Starter Kit - Endoring II Starter Kit
Technical Specification
Contains: 1 Endoring II assembly (blue), 1 e-Foam insert combo pack (48 inserts) and 2 single-use Gelwells
Cutter Included: No
File Capacity: Up to 30 mm (at 1mm and 0.5mm Increments)
Handheld: Handheld
Package Quantity: Each
Sku# ER2SK-S

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Endoring II® – Starter Kit
Jordco, Incorporated
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