Enhance® Finishing System - Complete System Kit

Product Description
The Enhance Finishing System from Caulk is designed for finishing and polishing composites to a natural-looking luster with the highest gloss and smoothest surface. This single-component system achieves both intermediate and final finishing and shows the best results after use with a bur. This new system incorporates a superior abrasive into a special resin, which eliminates switching back and forth between discs and prevents any marring or discoloring of the restoration. The PoGo One Step Diamond Micro-Polishers are quick, one-step polishers applied after finishing with Enhance that use light pressure to achieve natural, long-lasting luster. The Enhance Finishers are available in three shapes that can be used for a variety of applications: • Enhance Finishing Cups are ideal for cervical and proximal line angle areas as well as molar cusps • Enhance Finishing Points are ideal for posterior occlusal and concave lingual surfaces • Enhance Finishing Discs are ideal for facial surfaces and incisal edge contouring The Complete Finishing System kit contains: • 20 finishing discs • 10 finishing cups • 10 finishing points • 25 polishing cups • 1 (4 g) syringe Prisma Gloss composite polishing paste • 1 (4 g) syringe Prisma Gloss extra fine composite polishing paste • 1 metal mandrel (for use with cups)

PRODUCT OPTIONS: Enhance® Finishing System - Complete System Kit

Enhance Finishing System - Complete System Kit - Enhance Finishing System - Complete System Kit
Technical Specification
Package Quantity: 10/Pkg
Shape: Small Cup
Sku# 624075
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Enhance® Finishing System - Complete System Kit
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