Epic-TMPT and Epic A/:P

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Epic composites are also easy to polish. The unique formulation is also nonsticky and will not pull back with the instrument. Epic shades are perfect matches to Vita shade guides, with no adjustment needed for variations.

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Esthetic, Excellent, Easy
Epic-TMPT is my go-to for cosmetic bonding. It is the final layer after using stronger resins for building up and blocking out light. Epic handles well. It seems to make me seem like a genius because whatever shade I think matches, does match! It polishes well and I've seen it hold up well over the years.
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The material is easy to work with. Generally it does not stick too much on the dental instrument. Nice range of color selection.
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Cervical restorations
This composite is my favorite for cervical restorations. The shades of A2 and A3 match 85% of the teeth I am restoring. This material is easy to work with and easily shaped and polished. I shape it with a 3M disc and then an Enhance disc. I place a final polish with a Pogo disc after wetting the new restoration.
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Epic-TMPT and Epic A/:P
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