Isovac Dental Isolation Adapter

Isovac Dental Isolation Adapter Evaluation

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Using the same innovative mouthpieces as the Isolite and Isodry systems, the Isovac Isolation Adapter from Isolite Systems quickly attaches to an available HVE line to provide hands-free retraction, isolation, and evacuation while improving patient safety.

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A pediatric dentist from Idaho evaluated the Isovac for Dental Product Shopper and commented, "[Isovac] helps with isolation, vision, and improves the quality of my restorative work." An Arizona evaluator appreciates that the Isovac "offers a great tool for isolation and practicing sound dentistry without breaking the bank," and a hygienist from Colorado shares, "[It's] excellent for keeping the area dry when placing sealants."

Twelve evaluators, a mix of dentists and hygienists with a combined 184 years of experience, evaluated Isovac. All of the evaluators had been previously using the Isolite or Isodry systems, so they were familiar with the special mouthpieces.

Ease of Use and Ease of Installation

Manufacturer Description: Isovac's lightweight control head assembly is made of an autoclavable polymer and attaches directly to an available HVE line for quick, easy installation. A single hose provides 2 channels of continuous suction, controlled by dual fingertip levers on the head assembly, to keep the working field dry. The mouthpiece automatically retracts to allow access to the upper and lower quadrants.

Evaluator Feedback: A public health dentist noted the Isovac is "easy to set up in operatories" because it "hooks directly in to the high speed suction without a special hose or attachment." When asked what they liked best about the Isovac, a Texas dentist said "ease of use" and a hygienist from Washington D.C. said it "makes isolation very easy and accurate." Another hygienist reported that the Isovac "stays out of the way when I use my ultrasonic, but still does a fantastic job removing moisture and debris."

Control of the Oral Cavity and Patient Comfort

Manufacturer Description: Continuous hands-free dual channel suctioning controls oral humidity and moisture, while the mouthpiece controls the patient's tongue and serves as a barrier to the airway. Constructed of a soft, comfortable, polymeric material, the single-use mouthpiece has a built-in bite block so a patient can comfortably rest his jaw during a procedure.

Evaluator Feedback: "It works great when you need to maintain a dry field for a long time," shared a hygienist with 36 years of experience. A pediatric dentist in practice for 11 years likes the "dry field? best and that his "patients are happy." Another hygienist remarked, "[Isovac is] excellent while doing full mouth root planing and the patient is numb! Love it!? This same evaluator would like to see improved "comfort for the patient? but added,"Once the patient gets used to the placement it is amazing!"

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Design and Versatility

Manufacturer Description: Isolite's proprietary mouthpiece is available in 5 sizes (pediatric, small, medium, medium DV, and large). Isovac is also ideal for SRP, ultrasonic scaling, and sealants as well as any practice looking to affordably extend isolation to additional operators. Easy to clean, the Isovac completely disassembles for access to all areas.

Evaluator Feedback: When asked what he liked best, a California evaluator liked the "ease of cleaning," and this same dentist would appreciate "not having to lube the gaskets." Another evaluator suggested,"putting the mouthpieces in easier to open packaging." The Isovac is "easy to move from chair to chair," reported a pediatric dentist with 39 years' experience. He continued,"Nothing could replace our Isolite, but [Isovac] is a great backup for other chairs."

Overall Satisfaction

When asked what they would like to see improved about the product, a dental assistant from Alaska replied "not a thing," another mentioned "it's a little spendy" and one noted that the suction noise was loud. A dentist with 30 years' experience shared,"I really like that my assistant could leave me by myself while I'm prepping for filling or a crown," and another dentist summed up his experience with the Isovac, "[It's a] very effective alternative to the more expensive models."

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Isovac Dental Isolation Adapter
Zyris, Inc. (formerly Isolite Systems)
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