Fenderprime Wedge, 18/:Pkg

Product Description
JS Dental's Fenderprime Wedge is a unique combination of a preparation shield and a sectional matrix for Class II fillings in primary teeth. This plastic wedge features a steel plate that inserts into the proximal space. The boat shaped tip enables the gingiva to be condensed without damage, while reducing the risk of bleeding. Bend it to adapt to the contour of the tooth prior to filling.

PRODUCT OPTIONS: Fenderprime Wedge, 18/:Pkg

Fenderprime Wedge Assortment Kit, 36/Kit - Fenderprime Wedge Assortment Kit, 36/Kit
Technical Specification
Contains: Contains 18 short yellow wedges and 18 long green wedges
Package Quantity: Each
Sku# 6028-15
Fenderprime Wedge, 18/Pkg - Short Wedge Yellow
Technical Specification
Color: Yellow
Package Quantity: 18/Pkg
Size: Short
Sku# 6028-16
Fenderprime Wedge, 18/Pkg - Long Wedge Green
Technical Specification
Color: Green
Package Quantity: 18/Pkg
Size: Long
Sku# 6028-17

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Fenderprime Wedge, 18/:Pkg
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