FG and Turbo Single-Use Diamonds

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Spring Health Products' burs are manufactured using a process that greatly improves cutting efficiency. The burs have uniform diamond coverage and the diamond particles are oriented at the most efficient cutting angle to offer optimal performance. The diamond particles are uniform in size and distribution for a longer lasting diamond and they produce less heat with minimal clogging. Spring Health Products' burs have a concentric stainless-steel shank, not plated, and a center less ground that delivers minimal run-out, resulting in maximum stability at high speeds. The burs are offered in curretage, flame, taper, and cylinder styles with grits ranging from extra-fine to super coarse and their new convenient 5, 10, and 25-packs of diamonds, makes ordering several Spring diamond shapes easy and convenient.

PRODUCT OPTIONS: FG and Turbo Single-Use Diamonds

Diamond Burs FG, Flame, 1.2 mm Diameter - Diamond Burs, Coarse FG, Size #879K-012-C, 1.2 mm Diameter
Sku# 1712.10C25

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FG and Turbo Single-Use Diamonds
Spring Health Products, Inc.
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