Flexi Post Fiber

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Flexi-Post Fiber from Essential Dental Systems is the only fiber posts to provide superior retention and stability without requiring the use of a bonding agent. The serrated head allows for greater retention of core material, while the Flexi-Post Fiber vent releases internal hydrostatic pressure upon cementation. The second tier of the shank increases the intimacy of fit between the post and natural point where the canal widens, resulting in a reduction of destructive long lever arms.


Flexi Post Fiber - Intro Kit - Size 0 (Yellow) and 1 (Red)
Sku# 2110-00
Flexi Post Fiber - Intro Kit - Size 1 (Red) and 2 (Blue)
Sku# 2110-01
Flexi Post Fiber - Refill Kit - Blue Size 2
Sku# 2130-02
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Flexi Post Fiber
Essential Dental Systems, Inc.
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