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For maximum convenience Flowthru applicators fit any standard Luer-Lock syringe and are bendable up to 90º without crimping. In addition, the patented design can help minimize patient needle phobia. Flowthru is available in standard and Microbrush-style applicators. Microbrush-style applicators combine the benefits of Flowthru with the Microbrush applicator. According to the manufacturer, they contain nonabsorbent, nonlinting fibers that can suspend solutions as small as an eighth of a drop, without dripping or spilling. Flowthru applicators come packaged 100 to a kit, and they are in 18, 20, 22, and 25 gauges. In addition, the applicators are coded to their respective ISO colors fore ease of identification.




Working Hard, Working Smart

Life is full of hard-working helpers who don’t get the credit they deserve: the digital video recorder that remembers to capture a favorite show when you forget it’s on, a sturdy phone case that prevents a smashed screen even after repeated drops and even the local barista who knows your order as soon as you walk in. It might be time to add ContactPro ®  SmartBands from Microbrush to that list of oft-forgotten lifesavers. That’s because ContactPro SmartBands, indicated for Class II posterior restorations, are made with dentists’ needs in mind: a color-coding...

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