Forza ELM Electric Handpiece

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Product Description
Brasseler USA Forza ELM Electric Handpiece With 3.4 Ncm of torque and a light motor, the Forza ELM is a game-changer for electric handpiece users.When asked what they liked best about Brasseler USA’s Forza ELM electric handpiece, 6 of the 8 evaluators named ease of use. An evaluator with 8 years of experience described the handpiece as “consistent and great every time.” According to Brasseler, the Forza ELM electric handpiece features a lightweight titanium motor, 3.4 Ncm of torque, and LED fiber optics. With a light motor (61 g) and powerful torque, the Forza ELM system can be easily integrated into any dental delivery system. Eight dentists who have been using the Forza ELM for periods ranging from less than 6 months to more than 3 years evaluated the Forza ELM for Dental Product Shopper, rating features such as cutting accuracy/precision, ease of use, and noise level.


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Forza ELM Electric Handpiece
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