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Forza ELM Electric Handpiece

Forza ELM Electric Handpiece

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Brasseler USA

Forza ELM Electric Handpiece

With 3.4 Ncm of torque and a light motor, the Forza ELM is a game-changer for electric handpiece users.

When asked what they liked best about Brasseler USA’s Forza ELM electric handpiece, 6 of the 8 evaluators named ease of use. An evaluator with 8 years of experience described the handpiece as “consistent and great every time.”

According to Brasseler, the Forza ELM electric handpiece features a lightweight titanium motor, 3.4 Ncm of torque, and LED fiber optics. With a light motor (61 g) and powerful torque, the Forza ELM system can be easily integrated into any dental delivery system.

Eight dentists who have been using the Forza ELM for periods ranging from less than 6 months to more than 3 years evaluated the Forza ELM for Dental Product Shopper, rating features such as cutting accuracy/precision, ease of use, and noise level.

Accuracy, Vibration, and Torque

Manufacturer Description: Forza ELM’s reduced vibration and consistent high-torque speeds provide greater handpiece control, optimizing cutting precision and reducing irregular margins.
Evaluator Feedback: An evaluator from Gainesville, TX, with 13 years of experience who noted that Forza ELM is much better than similar handpieces, called the product “smooth-cutting, quiet, and gentle.” This same evaluator said he would definitely purchase the handpiece in the future and recommend it to his colleagues. One evaluator described cutting as “consistent,” adding, “Every time [the cutting is] great,” and another evaluator said it “cuts very smoothly.” A dentist who called it much better than similar handpieces said, “I rarely have to anesthetize for simple procedures because the handpiece is so smooth-cutting, quiet, and gentle that it doesn’t hurt my patients.” With regard to torque, 7 evaluators rated Forza ELM as excellent or very good. One of the 3 evaluators who cited torque as among the features they liked most said, “The torque is great. Nothing can stop it!”

Ease of Use

Manufacturer Description: The Forza ELM electric micromotor system combines user-friendly ergonomic design with lightweight titanium. This micromotor can be integrated into any dental delivery system.
Evaluator Feedback: When asked how it can be improved, a dentist who gave it an overall rating of excellent, said, “I’m not using it to its fullest potential. An updated or more complete user guide would be useful.” One evaluator said, “Mine drips water,” and another evaluator, who said he would definitely recommend and purchase the handpiece, noted that “the hose leaks when it’s bent in any way…When you’re polishing, using it in a different way, or simply going at a tooth from a weird angle it will drip or spray on the patient.” This same dentist went on to add that, “Everything else seems perfect.” “I purchased the prior generation of Brasseler’s electric motor and handpieces in 2008,” said a New Jersey-based dentist. “All pieces are still running well with no failed handpieces yet.”
One evaluator would have liked it to be “smaller, lighter, easier/streamlined integration with the delivery unit.” Other comments related to ergonomics and size included “I like the smaller nano handpiece,” “the regular size has excellent accessibility,” and “it’s a great product. I looked at [another handpiece] and I really like the reduced weight of the Forza.”

Noise Level

Manufacturer Description: Smooth, quiet, and versatile, the Forza ELM features an LED fiber optic micromotor, 2 programmable settings, and a digitalspeed read out.
Evaluator Feedback: Noise level was rated as excellent or very good by 7 of the 8 evaluators. An evaluator from Indianapolis, IN, who rated all features as excellent commented, “Noise is much better, but I’d always like them even quieter.” Four others listed noise level as one of their favorite features, with comments such as “[I liked the] lower pitch” and “very quiet for my comfort.”

Overall Satisfaction

All 8 evaluators said they would definitely or probably purchase the Forza ELM and recommend it to colleagues, with comments such as, “An excellent product that I highly recommend,” and, “I have 4 and couldn’t work without them.”

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