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G-BOND is a revolutionary 7th generation (single component) adhesive that takes the guesswork out of bonding. The unique combination of phosphoric acid ester monomer and 4-MET adhesive technology creates superior etch and adhesion to enamel while providing a lasting chemical and mechanical bond to dentin. Etch, desensitize, prime, and bond in as little as 20 seconds while reducing the chance for postoperative sensitivity. Self-etching G-BOND does not overexpose dentinal tubules before sealing and G-BOND’s HEMA free formulation results in fewer voids for greater resistance to microleakage and more durable restorations. G-BOND is ideal for bonding light-cured composites, compomers and dual-cured cements, and core build-up materials (light-cure mode) to tooth structure. It is less sensitive than other all-in-one systems to wetness and extent of etching and is less cumbersome than 2- and 3-component agents.


G-Bond Starter Kit, Bottle (1 x 5 mL bottle, 50 x disposable applicators & 1 x dispenser tray)
Technical Specification
Contains: 1 (5 ml) bottle of G-BOND, 50 Micro-tip brushes, 1 Micro-tip handle, 1 dispensing dish and 1 technique card
Package Quantity: Each
Packaging: Each
Sku# 002277
G-Bond Starter Kit, Unit Dose (50 x 0.1 mL unit doses & 50 x disposable applicators)
Sku# 002302




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fast and easy to use
G-Bond is my bonding agent of choice. A quick couple of shakes of the easy application...light cure...and you are done. I have found little to no sensitvity using this product. Sometimes the material will come a litteleasedle fast (hense you now have enought for 4 quadrants of restoations vs one!), but I am pleased with its properties.
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G bond
I like it it seems to be fairly easy to use. My composites seem to last with little sensitivity for the most part
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