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GC Fuji II LC Glass Ionomer Restorative

GC Fuji II LC Glass Ionomer Restorative

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GC Fuji II LC Glass Ionomer Restorative

GC America Inc

GC Fuji II LC restorative material exhibits translucency, expansion, and contraction similar to tooth structure, making it a popular choice among clinicians.

Featuring a chemical bond to tooth structure that is micromechanically reinforced, triplecured GC Fuji II LC’s high compressive, tensile, and fl exural strengths assure longevity and integrity, making it a popular choice among dentists since the product’s debut in 1991.

Improved in 1996 to provide higher esthetics and compressive strength, GC Fuji II LC is one of the best-selling resin modifi ed glass ionomers in the United States.1 It exhibits translucency, expansion, and contraction similar to tooth structure, according to the manufacturer. In addition, GC Fuji II LC eliminates post-operative sensitivity. When used as a base or liner in a sandwich technique, restorations last longer because GC Fuji II LC prevents marginal leakage and helps strengthen surrounding tooth structure with superior fluoride release.

Clinically, GC Fuji II LC has shown 100% retention after 5 years2 and has shown no evidence of secondary caries or change in surface luster after 2 years.3 Additionally, GC Fuji II LC plays an integral role in reducing patient discomfort via dentinfriendly, self-adhesive bonding and functioning as a pulp-protective thermal insulator, GC America says.

Thirteen clinicians participated in a Dental Product Shopper evaluation of GC Fuji II LC, rating and commenting on several features, including esthetics, technique, ease of dispensing, polish, and overall satisfaction.

Inital Esthetics

Available in 10 VITA shades (A1, A2, A3, A3.5, A4, B2, B3, B4, C2, C4) for quick and easy esthetic color matching, GC Fuji II LC’s translucency allows the product to blend with natural tooth color for lifelike results according to the manufacturer. Two evaluators rated GC Fuji II LC’s initial esthetics as excellent, 7 as very good, 1 as good, and 3 as fair. A Wichita, KS, evaluator with 28 years in dentistry said she “really liked the variety of shades.”

Speed of Technique

GC America describes GC Fuji II LC as saving chair-time because it requires fewer steps than compomers and composites, which typically require a resin bonding agent to adhere to tooth structure. It requires no dentin primer or bonding agent, and its micromechanically reinforced chemical bond prevents marginal leakage.

When asked to evaluate GC Fuji II LC on technique speed, 6 evaluators rated this property as excellent, 6 as very good, and 1 as good.

An Antioch, TN, evaluator said his favorite feature is “how quickly it can be placed, cured, and finished.”

Ease of Dispensing

GC Fuji II LC offers 2 delivery options: easy to mix, premeasured capsules, or powder-liquid. When asked to evaluate the ease of dispensing from the capsules, 4 evaluators rated this property as excellent, 4 as very good, 3 as good, and 1 as fair. A Livonia, MI dentist described his favorite feature as “the dispensing and handling.”


After polishing, the GC Fuji II LC restoration will resist staining and discoloration for long-lasting esthetics, according to the manufacturer. When asked to evaluate the polish of GC Fuji II LC, 2 evaluators rated this property as excellent, 6 as very good, 3 as good, 1 as fair, and 1 as poor. A Bayside, NY, evaluator commented that his favorite feature of GC Fuji II LC is the fact that “it polished easily.”

Overall Satisfaction

Eleven evaluators said they would likely purchase GC Fuji II LC in the future, and 12 evaluators noted they would likely recommend this product to colleagues within the dental profession. When asked to rate their overall satisfaction with GC Fuji II LC, 5 rated satisfaction as excellent, 4 as very good, 2 as good, and 2 as fair. A Westwood, NJ, clinician with more than 23 years in dentistry said, he “found the material to be very easy to dispense, cures rapidly and trims/polishes very nicely for a glass ionomer restorative.”


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2. Boghosian A, et al. Clinical evaluation of a resin-modifi ed glass ionomer restorative: 5- year results. J Dent Res. 1999;78:285.

3. Boghosian A. Clinical evaluation of GC Fuji II LC in Class V restorations (two year report). Northwestern University, March 1996.

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