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When so much time, effort, and money is spent on cosmetic indirect restorations by the dentist, the laboratory technician, and the patient, the overall success of the restorative procedure can hinge on the performance of the cement itself. As a result, the selection of the proper cement for the clinical application is critical. Current options include, but are not limited to, resin cements, glass ionomer cements, and resinmodified glass ionomer (RMGI) cements. While each cement option has clinical relevance within the practice of dentistry, RMGI cements have provided the best results when it comes to optimizing the performance of a permanent cement. First in Its Class One of the most widely used and popular RMGI cements is GC FujiCEM (GC America Inc). Originally introduced in early 2001, GC FujiCEM was the first paste-paste RMGI cement to be offered to dentistry. Before 2001, the benefits of glass ionomer cements in the forms of chemical bond and prolonged fluoride release, could only be achieved through mixing powder and liquid in a time-consuming and technique- sensitive procedure. While manufacturers of glass ionomer cements sought to minimize the challenges of metering the proper ratio of powder to liquid by introducing premeasured capsules, GC America introduced a product that not only was easy to dispense and mix, but also improved bond strength and reduced procedure time. Indicated for cementation of indirect metal, porcelain-fused-to-metal and resin crowns, bridges, inlays and onlays, as well as for porcelain inlays and post placement, GC FujiCEM is a versatile and easy-to-use material. The material is also ideal for the cementation of zirconia all-ceramic crowns and bridges. Its 1.4:1 mixing ratio is easily controlled through the double barrel Paste Pak Dispenser, which also allows dentists to select the proper amount of material to dispense, thereby minimizing waste. Controlling the proper ratios when mixing cement is critical as variation can affect bond strength.1 Proven Longevity In addition to the chemical bond the material achieves by virtue of its formulation,GC FujiCEM offers a coefficient of thermal expansion close to dentin along with high fluoride release, a low 3 ?m film thickness, and effectiveness in a moist field. All of these physical properties together contribute to patient comfort and ultimately to the longevity of the final restoration. The material was also formulated to be radiopaque, which assists with future diagnostics. And, for those situations when a higher bond strength is desired, Fuji Plus Conditioner is available and recommended for use before cementation to achieve optimum retention. The end result is a final restoration with proven long-term retention, reduced sensitivity, and improved resistance to both microloeakage and decay.2,3 From Simple to Simpler In 2007, GC America introduced a new automix cartridge for GC FujiCEM, which further speeds the cementation procedure by eliminating the mixing step while maintaining tight control over the mixing ratio. A simple procedure was made even simpler and more reliable with merely a change in packaging while maintaining the original material formulation. Whether a dentist chooses to use the traditional Paste Pak Dispensing System and hand mix GC FujiCEM resinmodified glass ionomer cement or the newer automix delivery system, working time and setting time remain consistent. The material provides a generous 2 minute and 15 second working time from the start of mixing, which is sufficient for placing single units as well as bridges. The set time is 4 minutes and 30 seconds from the start of mixing. Excess material is easily cleaned up with an explorer or other instrument while in its gel stage between 1 minute and 2 minutes and 15 seconds. One of the benefits of the new automix delivery system is the additional gain in working time because the material is ready for use when dispensing, and time for mixing is virtually eliminated from the working time of the material. A Welcome Addition For more than 6 years, GC FujiCEM RMGI cement has been a preferred material for cementation because of its clinical benefits and ease of use. GC America successfully addressed some of the procedural concerns regarding the successful use of glass ionomer cement while maintaining its benefits. No single cement is ideal for every type of restoration. There will always be a need for other clinical applications including the cementation of temporary restorations and veneers. However, GC FujiCEM offers significant versatility when it comes to seating indirect restorations and posts. Considering its reliability in clinical use because of its innovative formulation and convenient packaging along with the time savings, GC FujiCEM is a welcome addition to any dentist’s arsenal of cementation materials. —Monica Roy-Smith References 1. Behr M, Rosentritt M, Loher H, et al. Changes of cement properties caused by mixing errors: the therapeutic range of different cement types. Dent Mater. 2008 Mar 25 [Epub ahead of print]. 2. Yoneda S, Morigami M, Sugizaki J, et al. Short-term clinical evaluation of a resin-modified glass-ionomer luting cement. Quintessence Int. 2005;36:49-53. 3. Ermifl RB. Two-year clinical evaluation of four polyacid-modified resin composites and a resinmodified glass-ionomer cement in Class V lesions. Quintessence Int. 2002;33:542-5488.




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Very easy to use. It is glassionomer cement so it is very kind to the pulp. It cleans up easily and has a strong bond. We use it on almost all our posterior crowns.
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My Favorite Cement
I've never had any problems with this cement. Post-op sensitivity and poor retention are not things I ever worry about. Great product. Thanks.
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Great cement.
I have been using this since dental school. Very easy to use and the clean up is easy if you dont wait too long.
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Great for quick and easy cementation
This is a great product. We yes it to cement PFM and Bruxzir crowns. The automix dispenser and tips make it very quick to use and clean up is easy!
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