GC Initial IQ Press-Over-Metal Set

Product Description
GC Initial IQ One Body, Press-over-Metal (POM) is a feldspar-based, pressable ceramic system for conventional porcelain alloys (CTE/WAK range 13.8 to 14.9). This product is part of a new concept of pre-blended effect ingots in combination with the 3-dimensional Lustre Pastes, which exhibits vitality and a natural glaze in one bake.

PRODUCT OPTIONS: GC Initial IQ Press-Over-Metal Set

GC Initial IQ Press-Over-Metal Set - GC Initial IQ Press-Over Metal Set
Technical Specification
Contains: : Fluo crystals, IQ/effect ingots: A1-M, A2-M, B1-M, B2-M, C1-M, C2-M, D2-M
Package Quantity: Each
Sku# 877074
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GC Initial IQ Press-Over-Metal Set
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