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MI Paste is a highly effective, safe product used to treat a variety of dental conditions and create a healthy oral environment. GC America’s MI Paste was first introduced in the United States in 2004 and quickly became a favorite with dental professionals worldwide because of its versatility and safety in treating a variety of oral health conditions. The ability of MI Paste to fight demineralization, improve saliva pH, boost fluoride uptake, soothe sensitive surfaces, and help create a healthy oral environment makes the product an ideal fit with the practice of Minimum Intervention (MI) dentistry and its emphasis on prevention.


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Great Product
Been using it for 3 years, and have seen great results!
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Mi Paste Is NOT Mi Varnish
Contrary to what many Doctors prescribe, the MI Paste is far beyond the use of the Mi Varnish. Although it is difficult to explain this to any Doctor, as this product has to be used to be appreciated. The results are wonderfully amazing. Having been introduced to this product by Dr. Fred Turner's DDS Office in Arlington Texas where I observed the amazing resolution of Dental Fluorosis to a minimal and unnoticeable staining, I can tell you there is no other product short of bonding with a Fl2 emitting substance and then that is not as effective or long term as the Mi Paste. I have never had a patient who did not order this after spreading the Mi PAste on a few teeth for a minute or two, which they say are sensitive--the relief change is very apparent. Perio Patients heal up faster and there does seem to be some antimicrobial benefits of the paste although this would need to be explained by research on this topic. Since it does fill in pits, then this is the obvious benefit. If you have a person who cannot afford or does not want to do crowns or veneers you owe it to yourself and the aptinet to use this amazing product. The result is more beautiful than you might achieve with restorations. A hygienist of many years I can assure you this is one of the best products on the market.
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Versitile, easy to use, good compliance
Dry mouth, sensitivity, demineralization, ortho. This products works great for many different uses. I also really like MI Paste Dry Mouth. In our office, we use MI Paste to polish patients with mulitple crowns or cosmetic work. It is a nice smooth consistency & non-abrasive. (Does not remove stain) We will use it at the beginning of the appt for pts with slight sensitivity. I haven't found it to be as effective as other sensitivity pastes, but it does help. Patients seem to like this product which is very important to me when making recommendations regarding home care. Amy, RDH
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GC MI Paste and MI Paste Plus
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