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Indications The success of MI Paste is due in great measure to the long list of conditions it treats: Tooth sensitivity and restoring enamel loss after whitening procedures Dry mouth caused by medications High levels of oral acid from excessive consumption of soft drinks/sports drinks Sensitivity from hot and cold, after bleaching or whitening, and after professional cleaning Buffering acids produced by bacteria and plaque Protection of teeth during orthodontic treatment Providing calcium phosphate for patients suffering from erosion, caries, and conditions arising from xerostomia. MI Paste may also be recommended for patients undergoing radiation and/or chemotherapy and patients with “meth” mouth and/or “Mountain Dew mouth.” In addition, MI Paste is a good complement to saliva testing, which can be done as part of a patient’s routine examination. The Science Behind MI Paste Healthy saliva contains the minerals needed for healthy teeth: calcium, phosphorus, and fluoride. Together with salivary proteins, the saliva delivers bioavailable calcium and phosphate to the tooth surface during remineralization. According to GC America, MI Paste supplies calcium and phosphate needed for patients with poor saliva flow, a situation that can be further augmented by elevating the level of fluoride. MI Paste was the first professional product to contain RECALDENT* (CCP-ACP), which uses casein phosphopeptides (CPP), naturally occurring molecules that can bind calcium and phosphate ions in an amorphous form (ACP). The CPP binds to surfaces such as plaque, bacteria, soft tissue, and dentin, providing a reservoir of bioavailable calcium and phosphorus in the saliva and at the surface of the tooth. ACP is released from the CPP complex during oral acidic challenges. Stabilization of ACP by CPP ensures delivery of calcium and phosphate ions into the tooth structure before they precipitate/ crystallize.1-4 To read more about RECALDENT, visit GC America’s web site (, which contains over 140 research studies. Rapidity of Results The speed of MI Paste’s effectiveness depends on individual situations and the specific ways the product is used. If used for relief of sensitivity after a simple whitening procedure, relief should be possible within 2 minutes of applying MI Paste. Before or after ultrasonic prophylaxis or root planing, a 5-minute application of MI Paste is effective. Allergy Precautions Because RECALDENT™ (CPP-ACP) is made from a natural milk-derived protein, people with (or suspected to have) milk protein allergies should not use this product. MI Paste should not be used on patients with a sensitivity or allergy to benzoate preservatives. RECALDENT™ (CPP-ACP) is milk-derived with lactose content less than 0.01%. MI Paste Application Dental professionals apply MI Paste with custom trays or a gloved finger. When used by the patient at home, MI Paste is typically applied after brushing the teeth, both morning and night, by squeezing a pea-sized amount of MI Paste onto a finger and applying it over the surfaces of the teeth. MI Paste should be left on the teeth for at least 3 minutes. For patients who are whitening their teeth, it is applied immediately after each whitening session. MI Paste may be needed more often for patients with dry mouth. Five Flavors MI Paste is a water-based, sugar-free créme that is applied topically to the tooth surface or the oral cavity. It is available in 40-g tubes in 5 different flavors: mint, strawberry, melon, tutti frutti, and vanilla. For more information, contact GC America Inc. at or the phone number provided below. Product Evolution In 2007, GC America introduced MI Paste Plus. This version of MI Paste has all of the same features as the original MI Paste, but now it contains 900 ppm of sodium fluoride. It is not recommended for children under 6 years of age. These patients can still use regular MI Paste. MI Paste Plus is the only product that provides the correct bioavailable ratio of 5 parts calcium to 3 parts phosphate to 1 part fluoride, the same ratio found in healthy enamel. —Jackie Syrop References 1. Schupbach P, Neeser JR, Golliard M, et al. Incorporation of caseinoglycomacropeptide and caseinophosphopeptide into salivary pellicle inhibits adherence of mutans streptococci. J Dent Res. 1996;75:1779-1788. 2. Reynolds EC. Remineralization of enamel subsurface lesions by casein phosphopeptide-stabilized calcium photsphate solutions. J Dent Res. 1997;76:1587-1595. 3. Rose RK. Effects of an anticariogenic casein phosphopeptide on calcium diffusion in streptococcal model dental plaques. Arch Oral Biol. 2000;45:569-575. 4. GC America. Data on file. 5. Reynolds EC, Cain DJ, Webber FL, et al. Anticariogenicity of tryptic casein- and synthetic- phosphopeptides in the rat. J Dent Res. 1995;74:1272-1279.


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Mi Paste Is NOT Mi Varnish
Contrary to what many Doctors prescribe, the MI Paste is far beyond the use of the Mi Varnish. Although it is difficult to explain this to any Doctor, as this product has to be used to be appreciated. The results are wonderfully amazing. Having been introduced to this product by Dr. Fred Turner's DDS Office in Arlington Texas where I observed the amazing resolution of Dental Fluorosis to a minimal and unnoticeable staining, I can tell you there is no other product short of bonding with a Fl2 emitting substance and then that is not as effective or long term as the Mi Paste. I have never had a patient who did not order this after spreading the Mi PAste on a few teeth for a minute or two, which they say are sensitive--the relief change is very apparent. Perio Patients heal up faster and there does seem to be some antimicrobial benefits of the paste although this would need to be explained by research on this topic. Since it does fill in pits, then this is the obvious benefit. If you have a person who cannot afford or does not want to do crowns or veneers you owe it to yourself and the aptinet to use this amazing product. The result is more beautiful than you might achieve with restorations. A hygienist of many years I can assure you this is one of the best products on the market.
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Versitile, easy to use, good compliance
Dry mouth, sensitivity, demineralization, ortho. This products works great for many different uses. I also really like MI Paste Dry Mouth. In our office, we use MI Paste to polish patients with mulitple crowns or cosmetic work. It is a nice smooth consistency & non-abrasive. (Does not remove stain) We will use it at the beginning of the appt for pts with slight sensitivity. I haven't found it to be as effective as other sensitivity pastes, but it does help. Patients seem to like this product which is very important to me when making recommendations regarding home care. Amy, RDH
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GC MI Paste and MI Paste Plus
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