Gendex GXS-700

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Product Description
GXS-700 Digital Intraoral Sensors from Gendex are designed to make the change from film to digital easier than ever. Utilizing the latest sensor technology, the GXS-700 easily captures high definition images of both the horizontal and vertical bitewings, as well as challenging areas such as third molars and long-rooted canines. With each image, the sensors provide more than 20 visible line pairs per millimeter.

Featuring two ergonomically designed sensor sizes, the GXS-700 can accommodate both children and adults. Its rounded corners and smooth edge finish comfortably fits the anatomical shape of the oral cavity. Made from durable materials and components, the GXS-700 has an increased life span. Direct USB connectivity means that there is no need for USB controllers, adapters, or docking stations.


GXS-700 Digital Intraoral Sensors provide high-speed capture of real-time, high-resolution images with exceptional clarity and detail. When asked what he liked most about GXS-700, a Texas dentist who called the digital sensors much better than similar products said, “The image quality of this sensor is unsurpassed.”  As Gendex Dental’s 8th-generation digital sensor, GXS-700 is designed for ease of use, enhanced acuity, and sustainability, making it easy to migrate from film or upgrade a digital system.  Eight dentists, all of...

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Video Evaluation: Gendex GXS 700

Dr. Brett Druger discusses the Product Evaluation of Gendex GXS 700 by Gendex Dental Systems....

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Gendex GXS-700
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