Geristore Dual Cure Resin Ionomer

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Geristore Dual Cure Resin Ionomer is a biocompatible hybrid ionomer and self-adhesive, made by DenMat Corporation, which functions as a base, liner, subgingival restorative or cement. This self-adhesive can bind to dentin, enamel, composite, porcelain and metal, such as stainless steel. Geristore Dual Cure helps reduce post-operative sensitivity, is fluoride-releasing, and can be easily identified in radiographs.

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Geristore Syr Value KiT - Shade A1
Sku# 031477100-A1
Geristore Dual Cure Resin Ionomer - 3 (10 G) Syringes, Value Kit - A2
Sku# 031458550-A2
Geristore Syr Value Kit - Shade A3
Sku# 31457520
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Geristore Dual Cure Resin Ionomer
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