GingiTrac Gingival Retraction 1:1 VPS Material

Product Description
Centrix Inc.'s GingiTrac is a gingival retraction paste used with a 50 ml automix gun system. The built-in astringent controls oozing, while the flowable material gently pushes the gingiva. Syringe the paste into the sulcus with the NeedleTip, apply bite pressure with a GingiCap, and wait 2 minutes. The matrix allows your patients' bite pressure to be distributed evenly and simultaneously over multiple teeth. Since the material is silicone based, it can be removed quick and easy by slipping cleanly out of the sulcus without trauma. It allows for single crown or multiple crown retraction without packing cord. •Sets in 2 minutes •Get more accurate impressions •No hands in mouth •Contains aluminum sulfate astringent to control bleeding and oozing •Easy-to-use 1:1 50ml automix gun system mixes and delivers GingiTrac

PRODUCT OPTIONS: GingiTrac Gingival Retraction 1:1 VPS Material

GingiTrac Gingival Retraction 1:1 VPS Material Refill
Technical Specification
Contains: Contains 2 GingiTrac cartridges,10 mixing nozzles and 10 dispensing tips
Package Quantity: Each
Sku# 360100




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GingiTrac Gingival Retraction 1:1 VPS Material
Centrix, Inc.
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