GingiTrac Retraction System

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Say Goodbye to Packing Cord

Centrix Improves the GingiTrac Retraction System

The new GingiTrac VPS retraction material from Centrix simplifies the restoration process by eliminating the packing cord and cleanup.

Centrix introduces GingiTrac, a newly reformulated 1:1 astringent, vinyl polysiloxane (VPS) formula that features an automix gun that is easier to express from, a longer shelf life, and faster set time.

GingiTrac is the only retraction material and technique that allows the clinician to retract the gingiva on up to 6 preps with a single application, all with no packing cord or cleanup. GingiTrac's built-in astringent controls oozing, while the fl owable VPS material gently pushes the gingiva.

GingiTrac is easy to use'the clincian simply selects a matrix, syringes the retraction paste into the matrix, and instructs the patient to bite down. The process is complete after 3 to 5 minutes with the patient doing a majority of the work, while ending the frustration of traditional cord packing.

Removal is fast and easy, too. Set GingiTrac slips out cleanly without trauma or rinsing, allowing the clinician to preview the upcoming impression by inspecting the set GingiTrac upon removal. 'Bob Alaburda




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Why I Use: GingiTrac

I became a dentist to provide healthcare in a rural area where there was no other dentist. Helping people meet their oral health needs is something I feel passionate about, especially when I can assist them with something they cannot do themselves. That being said, I wanted to try GingiTrac—which I found at the Star of the North Meeting—as soon as I graduated from dental school because I spent too much time packing cord. Since then, my top 3 ROI benefits from using GingiTrac in my practice are: 1) Saves time, 2) Saves time, and 3) Saves time. GingiTrac has...

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GingiTrac Retraction System
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