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Glu/Sense is a no-drip gel that won’t spill or drip onto sensitive tissue. It’s packaged in a syringe with a foam-tipped needle for faster, easier, and direct placement. With a 35% HEMA/5% gluteraldehyde formulation, Glu/Sense acts in seconds to seal dentinal tubules and prevent the fluid shift that is recognized as the primary cause of localized hypersensitivity. When used under restorations, Glu/Sense reduces the chance of postoperative pain.




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Glu/Sense No-Drip Desensitizer
This is a great product, easy to apply, no taste for the pt. Our practice has seen a major reduction in sensitivity after placing restorative restorations, with the implementation of this product during the preocedure. Our composite restorations we have 99% sensitive free. In our procedure we etch, glu-sense, bond, place comp. We wouldn't place a composite without it now.
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