Golden Eagle Kit

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American Eagle Instruments’ innovative Golden Eagle Kit consists of the Eagle Claw and the Eagle Talon. The Eagle Claw is designed with a thin, finely balanced and contra-angled sickle scaler blade that is easily adapted to posterior supra-gingival and interproximal areas. The Eagle Talon complements the Claw by combining the J3 and N128 anterior tips into one innovative instrument that is ideal for removing calculus and stains in all anterior interproximal areas.

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I have been using American Eagle Instruments for a few years now, including the xptechnology piezo tips for my HuFriedy cavitron, They have a great cutting edge which stays sharp for a long time!! I work for a nonprofit public health organization here in Albuquerque and do not have a lot of time in between patients to sharpen my instruments. Thanks for your great products!!
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Golden Eagle Kit
American Eagle Instruments Inc
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