Googles Professional Eyeshields

Dental Product Shopper Recommended Product 2012
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Product Description
Google Eye Shields from Pinnacle are used for eye protection designed with easy-to-use lens attachments and large lens for greater protection against infection. Has a sleek, rounded frame that covers a large portion of the face and eyes without being boxy or bulky. Googles are OSHA-compliant safety and are designed to be distortion-free, optical-grade plastic lenses. The autoclavable frames can be reused.


Lightweight Googles Professional Eyeshields are both comfortable and protective.   Googles Professional Eyeshields are designed to be both fashionable and protective. TotalCare describes the eyeshields as extremely comfortable and lightweight. In addition, the optical-grade plastic lens can be easily and inexpensively replaced. Thirteen dentists and hygienists participated in this Dental Product Shopper evaluation of Googles Professional Eyeshields. They rated and commented on features such as weight and comfort, fit, frame dur...

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Googles Professional Eyeshields
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